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  • 绿隐设计哲学 隐对显 · 藏对露 · 有对无

    绿隐设计哲学 隐对显 · 藏对露 · 有对无

    绿隐设计哲学 隐对显 · 藏对露 · 有对无



    Lvin Design is one professional company which focuses on design-oriented refined decoration service.

    品牌源动力 Source Power of the Brand


    Lvin Design teamwork is steady, accurate and refined.

    绿隐的“隐”内涵在于The implication of ”in” in Lvin Design:


    Above three words are needed during too many procedures in our industry. The working process is very hard, which is not easy to be seen by our end user, i.e. “in” of Lvin Design.


    But “in” corresponds to “out”, which is just result, good or bad result can be judged.



    The source power of Lvin Design is that we combine with the industry characteristics, do well in every procedure, provide services for those end users who have insightful and high-tasted requirements for residence, environment, architecture, landscape and so on.

    经营理念 Management Principle


    We are committed to creating space value by adopting design philosophy, which can provide the refined lifestyle for you.

    绿隐设计哲学The Philosophy of Lvin Design


    in or out, implied or appeared, anything or nothing are all the philosophy of design

    1 规划阶段 Planning Stage

    项目调研 Project Research

    进度计划 Progress Plan

    空间分析 Space Analysis

    综合空间规划 Comprehensive Space Plan

    2 设计初期阶段 Preliminary Designing Stage

    规划深入(平面、立面、隔断)Details Plan (Plane,facade and partition)

    内装详述(色彩、物料、家具)Interior Decoration Specification (Chromatograph, material、furniture)

    软装预算&采购协商Soft Decoration Budget & Purchasing Negotiation

    绘制草图 & 效果图 Sketch& Effect picture

    3 设计发展阶段 Further Design Stage

    所有设计相关的Auto cad图纸 All related Auto CAD design Drawing

    室内草图深化 Detailed Drawing of Interior Decoration Design

    4 材料物料 Materials

    投标、样品、出厂价格参考及订货采购 Bidding, sample, EXW price reference and procurement of order

    材质参考及家具详述 Materials Reference & Furniture Specification

    室内立面图及加工细节 Interior facade drawing & Processing Details

    样板房参考&标示概念 Sample Room & Theme Concept

    5 施工洽谈阶段 Construction Negotiation Stage

    与采购者、承包商及制造商合作 Cooperate with Purchaser,Contractor andManufacturer

    协助进行成本估算 Assit to make Cost Estimation

    价值分析重估 Remake Value Analysis

    与施工方及顾问合作工作 Cooperate with Construction Side And Consultant

    现场调度On-site t Dispatch

    6 执行阶段 Excution Stage

    出厂价审核 EXW Price Check

    艺术及配饰概念 Art and Accessory Concept

    现场巡查 & 安装审核 Field Patrol & Installation Inspection

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